When you compare the cost per lead generated by traditional marketing efforts and compare them to typical search engine placement, the results can be shocking. Most companies don't even know what their return on advertising dollars actually is. Look at this chart we created from an Actual Customer to see the difference.

Advertising Comparison
Construction Company X

Present Advertising Program
(Per Month)

Total Monthly

Leads Generated 

Cost Per Lead
Yellow pages $5,000.00 25 $200.00
Direct Mail -  $1,800.00 20 $90.00
Contractor Internet Referral Service $1,200.00 40 $30
Door Hangers $800.00 15 $53.35
Classified Service Directory $225.00 10 $22.50
Telemarketing $1,000.00 25 $40.00
Monthly Totals $10,025 135 $72.64
Note: This is not taking into account the man hours and headache of arranging and launching these advertising tools.
Premium  Web Placement service $126.00 135 0.93 Per Lead!

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